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In salsa any step back should be small. This applies to the man as well as the woman.

Measure your step by placing the toe of your back step to touch lightly against the inside heel of your opposite foot (keep your weight on the ball of your back foot and the heel off the floor) then step forward with your opposite foot (heel to flat)

This is an extremely important point as keeping your back steps small respects the space of other dancers and protects you on crowded floors. If on any video you see the instructors taking large steps back it's only for the purpose of letting you see the footwork larger than life.


- General tip 1: small steps
- General tip 2: stay connected
- General tip 3: D.U.I. = dancing under the influence?
- General tip 4: don't be a xenophobic
- General tip 5: keep rings to a minimum
- Leading tip 1: dance WITH her
- Leading tip 2: don't teach
- Leading tip 3: take care of yourself
- Leading tip 4: safety first
- Leading tip 5: yes!
- Leading tip 6: everybody deserves a second chance
- Leading tip 7: dance at HER level
- Leading tip 8: be humble
- Following tip 1: keep dancing!
- Following tip 2: don't back lead

(... more tips will follow soon!)

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