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One of the key elements in dancing, not just salsa but any form of partner dance, is the CONNECTION. Connection is basically something that originates from the pressure you place on your partner, once you are in a closed or open position and ready to start dancing. This pressure is a firm and confident push applied by the "leader" and responded by the "follower" that gives the couple dance that confidence and feeling that they are dancing together. In other words this pressure, that therefore leads to a connection, is the magical touch that you should feel when you are dancing with someone.

One thing to keep in mind is that, you don't want to tense up your arm muscles. Another thing is not to grasp your partner's hands too hard, so that nobody gets hurt!

As a final thought: A connection should remind you that you are dancing with someone, not next to someone!!


- General tip 1: small steps
- General tip 2: stay connected
- General tip 3: D.U.I. = dancing under the influence?
- General tip 4: don't be a xenophobic
- General tip 5: keep rings to a minimum
- Leading tip 1: dance WITH her
- Leading tip 2: don't teach
- Leading tip 3: take care of yourself
- Leading tip 4: safety first
- Leading tip 5: yes!
- Leading tip 6: everybody deserves a second chance
- Leading tip 7: dance at HER level
- Leading tip 8: be humble
- Following tip 1: keep dancing!
- Following tip 2: don't back lead

(... more tips will follow soon!)

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