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Don't be a victim of Xenophobia (fear to estrangers). Wouldn't be nice to have a world in which everybody dances salsa? In order to achieve that, we must spread the "salsa virus" and the best way to do it, is dancing with new people every time. That's how real viruses become epidemics; infected individuals make contact with non-infected (if you don't believe me, just ask the Chinese government). Making closed dancing circles with the same persons does not help the cause. I understand that we all need to experience that sense of security and comfort of a regular partner, but if you want to grow and develop into a good dancer, you must also dance with other people, try different styles, different levels.


- General tip 1: small steps
- General tip 2: stay connected
- General tip 3: D.U.I. = dancing under the influence?
- General tip 4: don't be a xenophobic
- General tip 5: keep rings to a minimum
- Leading tip 1: dance WITH her
- Leading tip 2: don't teach
- Leading tip 3: take care of yourself
- Leading tip 4: safety first
- Leading tip 5: yes!
- Leading tip 6: everybody deserves a second chance
- Leading tip 7: dance at HER level
- Leading tip 8: be humble
- Following tip 1: keep dancing!
- Following tip 2: don't back lead

(... more tips will follow soon!)

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