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If a lady asks you to dance, don't say no. Remember, most women will not approach a man asking him to dance and for those who overcome the fear of rejection, the least we can do is accept their invitation. This will serve multiple purposes. Other ladies will think you are approachable; she may even introduce you to her friend who happens to be the girl you are drooling for, and the experience and practice you gain can be invaluable. But be aware that an invitation to dance is only that, an invitation to dance. If she is interested in something more she will let you know, but for the time being, keep you heart beating to the sound of the music and just dance.


- General tip 1: small steps
- General tip 2: stay connected
- General tip 3: D.U.I. = dancing under the influence?
- General tip 4: don't be a xenophobic
- General tip 5: keep rings to a minimum
- Leading tip 1: dance WITH her
- Leading tip 2: don't teach
- Leading tip 3: take care of yourself
- Leading tip 4: safety first
- Leading tip 5: yes!
- Leading tip 6: everybody deserves a second chance
- Leading tip 7: dance at HER level
- Leading tip 8: be humble
- Following tip 1: keep dancing!
- Following tip 2: don't back lead

(... more tips will follow soon!)

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