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Be humble. If indeed you are a great dancer, let other people say it. Humility is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of maturity and confidence and women find it appealing. If a lady approaches you saying, "My friends say that you are the best dancer here" Just smile and say something simple like. "Oh! thank you, I'm still learning, would you like to dance?"

Keep your mind open and take criticism as constructive. If you think you know everything and can do anything better than anyone, then my friend, I feel sorry for you. You have reached your maximum level of development and you will not grow anymore.


- General tip 1: small steps
- General tip 2: stay connected
- General tip 3: D.U.I. = dancing under the influence?
- General tip 4: don't be a xenophobic
- General tip 5: keep rings to a minimum
- Leading tip 1: dance WITH her
- Leading tip 2: don't teach
- Leading tip 3: take care of yourself
- Leading tip 4: safety first
- Leading tip 5: yes!
- Leading tip 6: everybody deserves a second chance
- Leading tip 7: dance at HER level
- Leading tip 8: be humble
- Following tip 1: keep dancing!
- Following tip 2: don't back lead

(... more tips will follow soon!)

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